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The Indirect Path

“Rivers would carry their burden to the sea, but along the way they would set it down, as fertile plains.”- adapted from John McPhee, Basin and Range

-More from Ganges #5. Some of the text was used from McPhee's book, some of the text was adapted for space, and some was re-written according to the needs of the story.


Ganges 5 - Notes and Extras #1

-planning out the Hutton sequences from Ganges 5, using Scapple.


Ganges 5 pre-order

Ganges 5 pre-order is up at WTD. Books ship in a week or so. It costs you a bit extra but I get more of the dough (I self-published it btw) and you get the book earlier than stores. I worked a lot on it and I’m excited to get to work on the next one, which is about half-finished already. Thanks for your support and interest. Please help me spread the word, tell your friends, etc. if you think they might be into it.

UPDATE: I will NOT be filling orders myself, all web orders will be going through the above link. So if you're used to ordering directly from me, I won't be selling Ganges 5 this time. I still have some copies of issues 2-4 (long out of print) available at scarcity prices from the Catastrophe Shop.