This blog used to be called "The Balloonist." Now it's going to be called "F." I hope that doesn't mess anybody up.

I still have a lot of pictures of balloons and ballooning that I meant to post here over the years. If I get desperate for content as I try in the coming months to keep to a schedule of posting (at least) once a week, those images will almost certainly start showing up. So fans of balloons, ballooning, lame puns, and regularity should still have plenty to look forward to.

Comments will always be open now, even though nobody comments on blogs anymore except spammers.

Lastly, a reminder that my tumblr is over here and if you care enough to read this you might want to follow that too.

* * *

Here's two mountains, or two views of the same mountain, or the same mountain at two different moments—it’s all the same, from Ganges 5. Will these mountains still be standing when I finally finish this comic book, millions of years from now? Or will frost and rain have eroded and dismantled them by then and carried them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,to the sea???


Note to self

woke from a dream and typed this into my phone in the middle of the night:

Pizza in a pizza. 2 dogs always scamming good talking give different names every time dumb stoner names I am ape. Designer breeds but weird unrecognized