2017 Time Capsule

-pages 22 and 23 from Comix Skool USA #10

Also KH adds:
Crickets #6, What is a Glacier? by S. Yanow, Anti-Gone. Tongues #1. The Consumptive #3...



Ganges 6.

"The End"

Comix Skool USA 
issues #7, 8, 9, 10


I had a gr8 time at these shows: TCAF, CXC, CAKE, San Diego COMIC CON, MCAD Minicon. Peace 2 all the cartoonists who I had nice conversations and gripe sessions. I am very inspired by all the amazing cartoonists working right now.  Hopefully coming out of all our never-recovering-froms in 2018.


Though I have shut down the Catastrophe Shop Main Site for now, you can still order books directly off of this blog ("in the calm center of the storm since 2006"). See the tag "for sale."

In the meantime, you can order my books from Spit and a Half (link).

I am behind on orders. We have been slowly shifting the way we deal with orders and distribution here at Fielder Midwestern Media, and some information data order supply chain grief has been a consequence of this shift.

If you are wondering where your order is, please drop me a line at 1000kevinh@gmail.com and I'll check on it. As always, we appreciate your faith and support in our Project(s).


Ganges #7, out in April (?).

Comix Skool USA will end at issue #12.

photo from Comics Workbook


Nov. 20, 2017

Thank you to Alec Longstreth, Sarah Glidden, and Eleanor Davis for being guests on my "Advanced Senior Seminar Comics" Show this season.