Meta McSkulls

Jean-Diable et Jean-Dieu

"Jam comic" with Sandrine Martin @ PFC4.
At PFC4 there were 10 N.American cartoonists and 10 French and Belgian ones. First we all picked characters from a list (I picked the Devil of course). Then the French and Belgians picked American names from a hat to see who they would collaborate with. Sandrine picked my name, and it turned out that the character she had picked was God! Truly providence was at work. So then we were supposed to collaborate on something under the theme of “breaking something.” We came up with a story and I sketched the layout, and then Sandrine did pretty much everything else. It was silkscreened by Aesthetic Apparatus in Minneapolis. SM drew a beautiful book called Le Montagne de Sucre for L’Apocalypse.