"Maybe I should get groceries on the way home," thought Glenn.


Minus Plus

So for a while now I've had that link over on the right column that said "Shared Items." This took you to a list of blog posts and images and etc. that I've "shared" using Google Reader. If you ever wondered about my politics or what I thought was funny or interesting you could find it all there. Also, I followed the shared items of people who turned me onto interesting stuff (peacay, Adam Kotsko, Chris Adams, Mark Hensel, etc.), and now this networking feature is gone. Google has changed Reader all around in order to promote the Google Plus. I'm no dummy but I can't figure out how to really work Google Plus, or how it's supposed to replace the subtraction of the sharing features in Google Reader. Blegh. You can read more about this world-historical disaster here.


Books of Earth 2

Still trying to sort through my stack of stuff to sort through. I kind of cheated this time and instead of picking off the top of the stack, I just drew from 3 comics that I already thought were pretty great and wanted to plug. Mascots especially I haven't heard anything about (not that I read everything). I loved it, and if you're the kind of person that this kind of thing might appeal to, I highly recommend it. It lands a tricky acrobatic mix of poetry, graphic design, painting, and general sketchbook goofballery.

Sleeper Car
by Theo Ellsworth
-"Norman Eight's Left Arm"

by Ray Fenwick

Papercutter 15
by Various
-Great sci-fi story with a long name by Jonas Madden-Connor.