Or Else 5

Almost in the can...on the table, next to the can...

Revelation Offers Hope

Here's the original. It came in the mail back in 2002 or so.


Using Diagrams

While trying to read and make sense of Gravity's Rainbow, Caleb Crain made some diagrams, and he recently posted some of those here. It's not that the results are in themselves are particularly link-worthy, it's that diagramming is good and we should all use diagrams as tools for brain work, and so let's remember to use 'em! Crain explains that even though the diagrams probably won't "be useful to any other readers, but they were useful to me back then, partly as a memory aid, but mostly in the way of channeling and venting what felt like a possession."


The Adventure of the Earth

I've been meaning to do this for a long time...here's a look at the beautiful and bewildering cover to The Wonderful World : The Adventure of the Earth We Live On. by James Fisher. Art Editor FHK Henrion. (1954, Hanover). Many grateful thanks to Alex Holden for sending me a copy of this book that's in much better shape than my old one.

Judging by the cover, Earth sure has some crazy adventures!

Here's a link to some more scans from this book. I hope to add more soon.

This Sentence