Let's Look at Dating

New Leon Beyond strip for the Riverfront Times. The theme of the assignment was "Dating Dos and Don'ts."


Huizenga & Zettwoch Make Up “Facts” About “Leon Beyond”
“Disney was interested in bringing out “Midnight Madness” on Blu-ray, and we talked them into letting us use Leon as a character to kind of bring him back into circulation. We had already decided the strip would be called “Amazing Facts and Beyond,” so Leon Beyond was a natural fit, and their lawyers’ signed off on that. The idea was for us to act like Leon was a real guy, and so we always created this facade of that there was a real Leon Beyond and that he was writing these strips. There was some talk of Leon spinning off into new CGI movie, or a Disney Channel show, but that all fell apart once Tom Wright, the author of the novelization of “Midnight Madness,” and his lawyers got involved.”


Original Pages Auction for Philippines Typhoon Relief

Two original pages of mine (1, 2)  are being auctioned off for Philippines Typhoon Relief, along with many other comics items. Please consider bidding, buying, and donating.