New Comics: May / Mardou

My good friends Ted May and Sacha Mardou have awesome new comics out--

We got 'em at the Catastrophe Shop, but you should really get them straight from the May/Mardou household -- go here and here to do so. Elsewise, we will all be sharing a table at CAKE (the Chicago Alternative Kcomics Expo), and we'll see you there on June 16 and 17.


Five Sleepy Firemen

-from Five Little Firemen, by Margaret Wise Brown and Edith Thacher Hurd, pictures by Tibor Gergely.


Gloriana covers

This was my inspiration/source for the Gloriana cover.

Here is the first pass -- all agreed it was too plain.

There were also many other attempts, other styles, best forgotten... Here's one that isn't too bad.


New Book

Gloriana is finally here! Should be in stores in a few weeks. It turned out super good.

more at D&Q's blog here