Rumbling Ch. 1

Rumbling Chapter 1
32 page comic book
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Comix Skool USA

Issues 1-5
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Here's a big file of the geological spiral from Ganges 5, if you want to zoom in or look at it on your retina screen.

Click here for the big file (link)


Comics 2016 (part one)

-Comics Workbook
-Parsons School of Design Illustration (dir. Ben Katchor)
-UW-Madison (Lynda Barry)
-CCS? Lost touch with it this year. Same with Wash U (Dowd, Zettwoch, Tim Lane)
-MCAD (where I, Zak Sally, and Tom K. teach, among others (link TK). Anders Nilsen also taught there.)
-The school that hired Sousanis/
-Yale? I don’t know that much about comics skools, to be honest

Pap Pap (and which I paid money for)
-Last Look / Patience / Ware’s Guardian strip and NYer work / Spiegelman’s one pager
-Blammo #9 (moustache, also see: Johnny Ryan)
-Baron Bean / Krazy Kat 1916
-Jim Woodring on Facebook, 
-Kim Deitch on Facebook, 
-Carol Tyler on FB 

CARTOONIST TYPES: Princess vs. Old Grandpa vs. Street Punk vs. Sage/Witch vs. Dad/Mom vs. Content Provider models 
-Method: have a relatively large audience, give them free content every once in a while, keep a few levels distance between oneself and them (be cool), stay on top of the Latest Topics, draw big checks from big cities, somehow.

-Would like to see the new Ben Jones zine, where can I get one? I need to put aside a weekend to read that interview with N. Rudick and think about it.
-CF’s CALL Magazine. 

Deep Level Moves
-My life being what it is, I’ve lost contact with some of the cartoonists I’ve learned the most from over the years. I see them, but not much of their work. When they do put work out, it’s too dense, somehow, and I can’t penetrate. If anything, I draw less from a deep knowledge of their work and I just skim off energy what I know is going on deep in the comic, because I know how deep they are seeing, beyond what I see. Their body of work helps sustain me as I drew Ganges #6. cf Anders, Sammy, Marc Bell, John P, Ron Rege, G. Bell, Clowes, Burns, Ware, etc.

Health of the Elder Ones, Careers of Peers, Middle Managers, and Caretakers
-Who is on what medication, who is helping, who is working on retrospectives, who is working on archiving, who has new work, who got divorced, how everyone is doing. Dealing with Alvin’s death.

-Santoro’s influence dominates my tumblr, but there are so many other spheres of comics on the internet now too. Need ethnographic data.
-4 Color scans of old comic book pages with sharpness on the dots, pages from the Heritage Auctions

-RIP Big Brain, Peace to Drivas
-Anders moved to Portland
-Nostalgia Zone and Dreamhaven are incredible, stores of my dreams. Minneapolis is a book lover's dream, it's almost too much for me. I may bury myself in books here.
-Magers and Quinn (best simple comics selection in Minneapolis?)
-trying to get a weekly thing going! (Shout out to STL Drawing Crew)
-Sam Gould??? Univocal??? 
-Wish I had talked to Eddie Campbell when he was in town. His line was too long at the Book Fair, is my bad excuse.

Bargain Bins:
-DreamHaven (p. good, bw boom, manga, mid 90s)
-Midway Books (89-92 junk, kind of shitty actually)

Comic Books (via The Source in St. Paul)
-Klaus by Grant Morrison
-something about demons, Rafael Grampa mixed with Kerascoet Woman’s face
-Sergio Aragones
-thinking about the career of John Romita Jr
-thinking about when Cerebus was monthly in the mid 90s

The Hosmer Library’s collection, and the MCAD Library’s collections (worth a visit)

New Wave/Grimy Keyboard Krew, Pacific Rim and Genderwave
DeForge, Klaus, Breakdwon, Landfill, Dane Martin, A Degen, BMW

Critical Discourse
-I don’t really follow it, but I’m interested.
-Issues of Morality and Art. Groths of Twitter? Nadel is focused on NYC issues. Tisserand’s Herriman book. Twitter is brutal but necessary (like TCJ and the TCJ Messageboard, maybe?).
-In comics, critical discourse often is mixed in with a lot of Outraged Fan Ranting, as it should be. Outrage lately about sex and superheroes, of course. What others should be doing instead.
-Don’t know what goes in YA Librarian or Parent or Walking Dead, Brian K Vaughn, Saga, circles, but that’s another huge part of comics I often wonder about—what’s that all about? Near enemies.

-D&Q and Fanta Anniversaries. 
-Breakdown/Landfill, the best UK comics publishers
-I like a lot of Retrofit comics
-Self Made Hero and No Brow are interesting. NoBrow will last much longer and seems more smart. Interesting how both sidestep US/UK Comics history for the most part, and go either France or Japan.
-2D Cloud and Uncivilized, MINNEAPOLIS
-Canada. Annie and Peter and Devlin/Burns. Chester Brown and DeForge/Tamaki lifestyle cartoonists. Patrick Kyle. Marc Bell spending most of the year in Minneapolis and not seeing him enough.
-YA and Children's comics, the stuff I see at the Hosmer library. Toon Books

-I didn’t read as much as I used to, but I read a ton, relative to most people. I read a lot of Olde Canon Comics (The Best Comics): Baron Bean, Wash Tubbs, Gasoline Alley.
-I put out 2 zines, Comix Skook USA #4 and #5. I drew most of Ganges #6, but a lot of it was first written in 2014. A lot has changed in my life since then. I may be losing my mind, but I also think I’m drawing the best work of my life (the question is how much is that saying?).
-The Internet: my daily life is full, so I don’t look at it that much anymore. I don’t like it that much. I prefer books and magazines and reading things in print. I still draw a lot of inspiration and energy from it, though. I’m trying not to tell anyone about how they should live their life, other than to buy my comics. Dealing with spam is like a major thing in our lives, what a world. Who will read all the spam? Who will speak for the spam? Who will collect the spam and archive it for future historians? Who cares that I posted this on my blog?

I just read the new Blammo and it was amazing. Everyone should read it. When I clean up my apartment in a few days maybe I’ll upload a longer list of things in Part 2.

Dec. 17, 2016


Final Week of the Semester (first draft)

Well, here we go. Time to see what they did this semester. It's a somber party, with everyone getting a chance at the dj booth. It goes on for over 5 hours each day.

If you are interested in my new zines, COMIX SKOOL USA, there are now 5 issues. They are notes and handouts I've used in my classes at MCAD, where I teach 6 separate courses over the course of the year.

Visual Storytelling
Intro to Comics
Comics 2
Advanced Senior Seminar
Experimental Comics

Watch this space for more info, but if you would like to order them, they are available from Quimby's in Chicago, or Spit and a Half.

If you would like to order them directly from me, send money to me in Paypal. It's $20.00 for all 5 issues, $5 for each one individually.

Email me for more information and to order.


PS Destroyer's Rubies is 10 years old! Canada!
PPS Remember when Todd McFarlane gave all his favorite bros like $100,000 or something to write a few issues of Spawn? Remember how awesome they were?! Canada! I would like to offer $100 to Michael DeForge, Seth, and Marc Bell to write the next few upcoming issues of GANGES. Email me.
PPPS Minnesota. Congratulations to Tom and Jordan and everyone for the ODOD line. Gabrielle's new book is out next April. Sorry I've missed the two events for your book, Anders and Jay. It's a good book!


Tuesday Patron Party: Page For Sale

The whole page looks like this without the pencils. There is pencil shading on it, though.


Inquiries write: 1000kevinh@gmail.com


G5 notes

-from 2014 or 2015. Working on the two spiral spreads that originally were supposed to both go into Ganges #5, but ended up split between #5 and #6. (Frank Santoro layout guides.)