Memory Palaces

If you can convert whatever it is you're trying to remember into vivid mental images and then arrange them in some sort of imagined architectural space, known as a memory palace, memories can be made virtually indelible.
-from Joshua Foer's article on Memory in the November 2007 National Geographic.

...vivid images...then arrange them in some sort of...architectural space...

Sure Shot Sharpshooter

Apocalyptic Imagination

...Well, I know that the apocalyptic imagination is usually a lack of imagination; it refuses to face the dull prose of suffering, refuses to understand just how bad things can get without history coming to an end. Empires can limp on for centuries.

...My framed Ulysses poster fell off the wall and shattered, but I’m the kind of guy who keeps a spare framed Ulysses poster in the basement.



I'll be at Star Clipper tomorrow with John Porcellino, Ted May, Dan Zettwoch from 5 to 8pm.



On Account of the War

-Frank King
April 8, 1917
April 22, 1917
April 29, 1917

Commenter Scott remix.


Talking Heads

Someone should make a program that automatically selects the talking heads--just the heads--of people on CNN and fuzz out all the background bustle and sexy graphic framing and the maddening crawl and DOW Jones numbers...