Postcard from Fielder

I have a 2 pager in the Italian magazine Internazionale, in Italian.
Here's what the pages look like, with the lettering left out.


Feast of Comics

Happy Feast of Comics!

I will be celebrating by reading
a lot of comics, 8-ish hours
(with breaks), and then feasting
with Ted and Sacha.

The way I figure to do it is to
read a little bit of a lot of things,
not get bogged down in anything,
unless it's really good,
mixing it up, and also
doodling in the sketchbook when
moved to do so.

Hoping to make a decent dent in
the "to be read" pile.


Cat Shop

The Catastrophe Shop wasn't working for a couple weeks because Paypal changed something, but now it's working again.


Read Comics All Day

Along the lines of Open That Bottle Night, I would like to propose a new "holiday": Read Comics All Day...Day. I'm kind of serious about this. Permission to read comics all day. Get some beers and some pizzas, etc., put on some records... Like, at least 8+ hours of solid reading.

Some Saturday in the Fall?
Comments are open.



June High Five

5. Inkstuds series on "Comics as a Form of Media"
4. Blogs, tie: Bouphonia, ads without products, kpunk, infinite thought, thrift store horrors, Stanley Stories, fafblog...etc.
3. Elizabeth Kolbert in the NYer.
2. UYD
1. Up in 3D



Veronica Jean May
b. yesterday

Many congratulation Ted and Sacha!
Lookout world



-Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, head of Germany's Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Quoted in "The Catastrophist" by Elizabeth Kolbert, New Yorker June 29, 2009.
**Update: fixed.


May High Fives

5. Herbie Vol. 2
4. "someone on the internet is wrong"
3. tie. Stanley Stories Blog, Vecka Orca
2. At the Lonely End of the Dance Floor
1. "Midwestern School of Cartooning"



April top 5

5. video for "Fit Song" by Cornelius
4. tie, "Beware", "OH (Ohio)," (listening on spring walks)
3. Eno on "axial thinking"
2. Ripley's Believe it or Not! (early 1930s in 2 Volume reprint by Garden City 1946)
1. Tubby and His Clubhouse Pals, Dell Giant


March Top 5

5. Tango and Cash
4. xkcd windmill strip
3. Jim Number One by Jim Woodring (1987)
2. tie: Little Lulu vol. 17, 18
1. Sundays with Walt and Skeezix

MVP: Jeet Heer


February Top 5

5. Daybreak Episode 3 by Brian Ralph
4. Gentleman Jim by Raymond Briggs
3. Curio Cabinet #4 by John Brodowski
2. Marcovaldo by Italo Calvino
1. "Herbie and the Snedigger's Salad Oil" by Richard E. Hughes and Ogden Whitney