New Book: The Half Men

Hey, if you have been enjoying the Bona pages
or are a fan of my stuff, please help me spread the word
about my new minicomic. I'm not much for self-promotion
and I'd really appreciate it if you could reblog or tweet
or whatever, tell a friend if you think they would 
be interested, etc. Thanks. 

The Half Men
32 pages
5.5 x 7 in.

Contains "Second Attempt," "Bona #1 Chapter 1," and "The Half Men."

Available at the Catastrophe Shop

Redbird #2 (by Dan Zettwoch)
Back in Stock:
Fight or Run: The Shadow of the Chopper
Tel-Tales #1 (by Dan Z)

If you work at a store and would like to order copies wholesale, please email me at ORELSE@USSCATASTROPHE.COM