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Homage to King

I thought of my page in Kramers Ergot #7 as a homage to Frank King, who drew countless beautiful Sunday pages involving flying up and looking down on the landscape below. There are many examples just in the pages reprinted in the Drawn and Quarterly anthologies alone. I went to King's pages to see how to draw the landscape gracefully from above and was amazed at how many times he had his characters flying on Sunday.

Ganges #3 also is a kind of homage to the "daydreaming" Frank King pages (in both Bobby Make Believe and Gasoline Alley) with some Little Lulu love in the mix. That's how I thought of it, anyhow.

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My strip "Balloon" from Kramers Ergot #7 (the oversized one, 2008) has been posted at What Things Do. You can double-click the image below to see a bigger size of the strip.