The Wonderful World

From The Wonderful World : The Adventure of the Earth We Live On. by James Fisher. Art Editor FHK Henrion. (1954, Hanover).

No artists listed in my copy, but it's missing some pages. I overlapped Man's and Nature's Worlds (fourth image above) in Photoshop.

UPDATE 8/8/08:
Here's the cover.


David Heatley said...

That's some of the most inspiring imagery I've seen in a while! Thanks.

Jas said...

Wow! Looks like Vancouver!

Michael said...

Henrion was quite an important figure in the graphics world of the 1950's and 60's

There's a potted biography here:

As a small boy growing up in Sussex, I used to play with his children.
They had a swimming pool, which was a rare luxury in those days.

Nils-Petter said...

Fantastic book! Got this book from my grandfather when I was like 5 yrs old. Use it all the time for inspiration. Got the Swedish, edition. The Drawings are by Kempster and Evans. and Infographics by Isotype Institute, Marie Neurath. Layout by F. H. K. Henrion.

jengod said...

Very nice. I'm collecting the books in this series. Thank you for sharing your scans!

Anonymous said...

very nice pics thanq