CCS Booklet

The CCS Booklet is now up at the Catastrophe Shop.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this! I'm a student at CCS and nothing could have been more exciting than being welcomed by such an inspiring booklet. And by 'inspiring' I mean depressing as it seems that I have nothing but an achin' back and bad dreams at the drawing table to look forward to.

Seriously though, beautiful.


Anonymous said...

cool! i've been wondering how you go about getting one

Anonymous said...


Hope it gets well.

Saludos desde Argentina!

Anonymous said...

I ordered a bunch of stuff, and then sent an email to the hotmail address in the PayPal email, but it bounced! So I thought I'd comment here just in case the PayPal order won't get through either?
I was writing because your store only added $1.50 for postage, and as you could see from the order, I'm in Australia!

I got Or Else #4 and Ganges #1 recentlyish, and love your work also in Kramer's Ergot (I think?) - oh and I was rather pleased to see your instantly-recognizable artwork on the little booklet for the wonderful Small Beer Press too, when I ordered a few chapbooks from them a few months ago! Nice connection to make when I was just looking into how to order your things too. So anyway, a friend pointed out the CCS Booklet was out, and despite not being any kind of aspiring comics artist, I decided it was a good excuse to pick up the other bits & pieces that you still have available.

Anyway, just thought I'd say that if you need more for postage to Australia, I'll happily PayPal you some more bucks.

Kevin H said...

Yeah that's an old email. Thanks--
Sorry about that. New one is orelse and then "a" with a incomplete circle usscatastrophe period com.

Anonymous said...


Kevin: I have just received and read my order from the UssCatastrophe shop with all your work i missed (plus all the anthologies i already own)

It´s all so great!

When the "Curses" book comes out, will there be any unpublished story there?