Press Conference

Though this goes against absolutely everything I believe in and hold dear in this sad sorry world, I'm going to insult your intelligence and try to make something clear so there's no question...

The other day I was asked whether the title of my book,"Curses," is like as in "...foiled again." No it is not. The title "Curses" refers, first of all, to the flock of starlings pictured.

In the book, the birds are curses.

In the story "The Curse," Glenn Ganges is cursed with a flock of starlings that perch in the trees outside his house, and their deafening squawking and voluminous shitting destroy Glenn's and his wife's lives.

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Little Nemo's Kat said...

I hope it doesn't take too long to be published in Spain (otherwise we'll have to resort to the "catastrophic place" one more time).
By the way, congratulations, I have just read this was within the second most voted comics this year by the Publishers Weekly. :D