I'll be at APE
this weekend,
and Comix Experience
Fri., 5-7.


Anonymous said...

Kevin -- enjoyed your talk at APE, though you seemed to be suffering through the whole thing. I was the guy near the front who said the thing about Ganges being a "useful container." Saw this clip of a talking starling on youtube, and thought you'd find it interesting -- have no idea if the bird is actually dubbed by Mercedes McCambridge, but there you have it:


-- chris lanier

Kevin H said...

Hi Chris
Wish I'd had time to talk to you at the show. Send me an email, I don't have your address. I always look like I'm suffering, which I think is a terrible way to be, and when I realize this is how I am being I grimace and hunch my shoulders even more. Actually it was fine and I want to thanks Alvin Buenaventura and Tom K. for helping me out up there.