New Construction #1

I made this zine to inspire myself to finish other things.
48 pages
Should be at MOCCA
next weekend, but I won't.
For sale soon at my
website and fine stores.


barlow said...

What's MOCCA? I usually buy your stuff down on the Loop at something called "Stargazer" or something like that; I can't remember store names.

Kevin H said...

What do I look like, a search engine? MOCCA is a comics show in New York and Stargazer will have copies in a week or two.

chris said...

Boo yaa!
Pick me up a Starblazer LATTE while you're out.
Your comic books are not available on the Korean peninsula.

Anonymous said...

Hi there - My name's Bren Collins, and I just read "Curses" over the past few days. What you have there is the most moving graphic novel in years (in fact, I just stopped bawling over the last part of the book). The book has a certain cohesive feel to it, like all of the stories are not only thematically linked, but linear. Checking the copyright information, a bigger story began to formulate (which may or may not have been intentional, though I suspect that perhaps it was). Moreover, your book is completely involving, and does not intimidate - Glenn's a really nice guy, and a reader almost feels as if he'she really knows the fellow, so there's an instant comfort level extablished. But of the whole book, I was unexpectedly moved by a single panel in "The Next Big Thing," where Glenn and Wendy are holding hands whilst walking to see TNBT - the excitement is so intense for them both that they're drawn to each other all over again, just like they were on their first date. And it's all very beautiful. I love this incredible book. I'm preparing an Amazon review this evening.

Fernando said...

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