Eternal Sonata

Chopin/Charlie Kaufman/RPG video game fans rejoice:

"Eternal Sonata [for the Xbox 360] follows the adventures of famed composer Frederic Chopin as he travels through his own dream world filled with colorful characters and stunning locales. In a land where music influences both combat and exploration, Chopin sets out on a journey not only of self-discovery, but also one of redemption."

Watch the incredible trailer here.

Thanks to K. Thor who points out I had mistaken the title of the article for the title of the game. No Charlie K connection.


K. Thor Jensen said...

Yeah, I'm pretty excited for this. One advantage to working at a game company is I don't have to buy anything so I will pressure my bossman to get it in here.

K. Thor Jensen said...

Oh, and the game's just called "Eternal Sonata," by the by.