Dave Pirkola

In college I used to walk a couple miles, sometimes through deep Michigan snow, to buy comic books at Apparitions. I went there at least once a month for the 5 years I lived in Grand Rapids. I remember talking to Dave about Carl Barks--he was big fan--and his cat. He's a classic cranky/jovial comic book store owner, salt of the weird earth. The other week when I was in town I stopped by but Dave wasn't working that day, and the guy who was, who had a mustache that curled at the tips into actual spirals, told me the cat had died and Dave was feeling pretty down about it. I bought an old Pogo collection. I just learned that Dave was shot last Friday night during a robbery but he's hanging on. We're really hoping for a smooth speedy recovery and that they find the shooter. Here's a link you'd like to help him out with medical bills, etc. I hope to have some art in an auction they're putting on, and I'll update with info once I know what's up.

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