The Half Men

I redrew this old comics story for Kramers Ergot #8, which I guess is coming out soon. 

It came from Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #8 (1956) and is named "The Half Men."* The GCD credits list only a penciler (Bill Molno) and an inker (Sal Trapani). I would imagine that someone out there has an idea who might have written it. I didn't look as deeply into that mystery as maybe I should have. Please let me know if you have some idea who might have written it.

Sometimes when an cartoonist redraws an old story it's called a "COVER," as in the blog and obviously as in bands covering songs. It's perfect for the blog -- for redrawing covers -- but I don't really like that term for stories, which are, you know, not covers. "I covered a story." "Huh?" I hope that doesn't catch on. I like calling it a "REDRAW," as in, "I redrew this story." But I don't know, maybe there's a better term. I enjoyed doing it, and I hope to do more in the future.

*in the Kramers contents the story is named "Mysteries of Unexplained Worlds" which I wish I could say was on purpose.

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vollsticks said...

That was one of the best things in a pretty uneven issue!Sorry to be so sycophantic but I've never read a bad comic by you.