Conversation Gardening

Speaking of Anders Nilsen, he has this new project called "Conversation Gardening." Like many he got mad about Amazon's recent shenanigans but he made his indignation manifest in a project and a path toward a better place. Read about it at the links below. Briefly the deal is, if you buy one of his books at an independent bookseller and send him the receipt and a piece of blank paper he'll send you back a drawing of anything, your choice. I'd be happy to participate in this too, for whatever that's worth. [send receipts and requests to PO Box 38061, St. Louis, MO 63138]. I'm sure there will be more authors and artists who would like to do this as well. (It seems to me like what would be ideal is if booksellers could use some kind of display or sign near participating authors' books.) 

I should also mention that Anders has a new self-published comic book called God and the Devil at War in the Garden that everyone will want to get. If you're lucky you might get a copy that was actually expertly stapled by me personally! But you'll never know.


Unknown said...

Yeah? Then please let us know where to send you a receipt and a piece of paper!

Kevin Huizenga said...

right, thanks. updated it.