links in an email sent to students I skyped with in Vancouver

kevinh.blogspot.com (best place for links)

Copacetic Comics (from Pittsburgh) is a good place to order comics online.
Or from my publishers Fantagraphics or Drawn and Quarterly. These publishers put out many other great comics and graphic novels.

Good collections are: Anthology of Graphic Fiction by Brunetti, 2 Volumes. Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics has a great selection of Early 20th Century newspaper comics.

There are good books of George Herriman’s work.

There are not many good collections of early Popeye, but there are some decent ones from Fantagraphics. They are designed badly and hard to read, but you owe it to yourself to read them.

also see: Spit and a Half for DIY current Small Publishers, punks, and great artists.

Please do not use Amazon to buy my books, or if you do, please buy my books used, using a different website. Order it through your local bookstore, if possible, and go in to pick it up!

I have a flickr account that is still pretty active https://www.flickr.com/photos/55197488@N00/

I have 3 tumblrs that are less active than a couple years ago, but I still throw stuff up on there http://fielder.tumblr.com http://khclasses.tumblr.com/ http://fielderbb.tumblr.com/

I don’t like twitter or facebook, but I’m on there but I don’t post much.
Like Amazon, these companies are transforming and destroying much of what was good about our literary culture in the USA, even as they make many things possible which on the surface seem cool and harmless, but are not.

I don’t like instagram either, but a lot of my friends are on there and I do like looking at images, but I’m on there @1000kevin

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