The Industry

-from I Hate The Internet (2016) Jarett Kobek. Comments are open.


Solar Powered Trains said...

Bradford W. Wright first posited that comics were the key to understanding 20th century America (well, OK, post WW II America) in COMIC BOOK NATION. So, apparently, comics are in the driver's seat here in the USA.

Kevin H said...

Cutting room floor:
What about the current state of the industry? What about the people who are publishing comics right now? Everyone from Marvel down to Boom! and Image and FB and D&Q, from Retrofit, Kilgore, Breakdown, and Kus. What are the dubious labor practices? Who are the Kirby's of right now? We talked about Jack Kirby in class yesterday, in the context of him being known as Jack "the King" Kirby. Why was he the King? Who are the "kings" now? (who are the wizards? flip genders, etc. This kind of discourse is basically gross, if we loses sight of the class analysis).


What about this paragraph? Is it right? Reading this paragraph is probably different for "creative types" vs. "business people." Business is all for brands, assembly lines, etc. because it's efficient. Pop Music, Comics, Theater, Symphonies, difficult Poetry, all are pretty inefficient industries, basically, due for some disruption. Creative destruction, etc. "Destroy All Comics."

Kevin H said...

also see pages 21-23 of the Kobek book for more of the same theme but specifically discussing Jack Kirby.