4 Links - January 25, 2015

bin crawler - Gets at one of the real pleasures of comics (and good comic book stores), the half-painful, half-amazing experience of going through comics bargain bins, wondering at the weirdness of everything, lost in browsing, scanning page after page, until your eye is seized by some amazing weird cover, panel, page, drawing, etc., something weird or transcendently weird or intense or funny or profound or all of it together. Who knows what else might be waiting in those boxes? There's much more weird amazing stuff on the internet, but of course it's not the same.




I came across this video by accident. For a while I played this every time I was on the internet. It was my "home page" when the browser opened. It sometimes became background noise, sometimes became so un-ignorable that I would be snapped out of my Internet trance, and for a moment the rhythmic wind sound in the microphone, the air-static-noise would seem like the amplified sound of the air going in and out of my own body, and I could stop and feel like someone in a room again and think "Is this what I want to be doing? Am I stuck in an Internet Kettenkarrussel trance??? How's this going? How long am I planning to be on here?" This way the internet has a sound, so that when I'm on the internet, it felt like a thing, something with texture, not so abstract and unreal. And then when the sound is gone you can think, oh, it's gone now. The internet is gone.

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Alistair Hamish MacDonald said...

Gosh, it's comforting to hear someone else articulate the biggest struggle at the heart of my working day.

I was powering through panels today until I needed to produce an arrow. (Bloody arrows.) So I started up my vector program, a beta... now expired... couldn't reinstall the old version. So I started searching...

And my workday collapsed in on itself.

At any rate, thanks for the thoughts you've shared here and on New Construction. I discovered you and these blogs this weekend, and subsequently bought a number of your books. ('Cause there's nothing worse than getting an e-mail from someone who writes, "You changed my life," but won't buy the damned merch.)