Explaining Herriman to Katie

I have been thinking about Herriman and what amount of work he did every day, and wondering if I should base my life around that. I have no idea how much work he actually did every day, but OK, if you take the general newspaper cartoonist's workload as a model, let's say 4 panels per weekday, plus a Sunday. (I know Herriman's daily strips were much more complicated than a Peanuts strip—see here—but I'm trying to be somewhat realistic here about what I can actually accomplish). So, going by, say, a standard Gasoline Alley Sunday page this would add another 12 panels (plus a header).  So 6x4=24 (or should we take Saturday off? we're pro-union here) plus 12 is 36 panels? That's 6 panels a day, Sundays off. I was also thinking about Herriman's strip "The Family Upstairs," which I have not read very much of, and wondering the setup was supposed to be some kind of allegory?

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